Music up til now….

Hi everyone:


Up til now all classes, yes including kindergarten, have been learning to read and clap rhythms… we’ve gotten up to 8th notes and who knows how far we can go?

Any student wanting to download a page of rhythm studies can now download it off my blog.

As far as music videos we’ve watched Paco de Lucia, the great flamenco guitarist, and videos of my student Mia Kelly, a phenomenally talented 15 year old. Also we’ve watched the Master Drummers of Burundi, and from my series of great Canadian musicians, we saw Glenn Gould playing playing excerpts from the Gold berg variations. I’ll also have a series on great Jewish musicians coming soon…

I’m entertaining the possibility of inviting my guitar elective class out to my recording studio in Aylmer to see how a song is produced in a professional setting… will confirm that soon…

That’s all for now!

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