Please allow me to introduce myself!

Hello all parents, students and faculty of the OJCS!

I wanted to take this moment to introduce myself  to everyone and let you all know how excited I am to take over the music program at this wonderful school. To find out more about my biography in detail you can click on Biography to the left of this page. Right now I would just like to express the 3 goals  I hope to achieve this year.

My primary goal is to simply expose all the children I come into contact with to as wide a sampling of musical styles as possible. We will be playing, listening, dancing and talking about classical , jazz, folk , world music, in English, French, Hebrew, and, who knows, maybe even Esperanto! My secondary goal is to develop the singing skills in children from kindergarten to grade 3 and the guitar skills from grade 4-8. My final goal would be to encourage any of the students who have exceptional abilities in music to take their talents to a higher level with extra work, or help finding a suitable private teacher.

I look forward to hearing from everyone their opinions, ideas and any suggestions that would help us enjoy this musical journey to its fullest!

Musically yours, Rene

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