Teacher Bio

Peter Goddard


I’m the music teacher, Mr. Goddard (or just Mr. G). I am very passionate about music education, especially for students at the elementary level. I think this is a crucial time in one’s musical development as it is when important musical concepts can be ingrained and developed in order to bring about the best possible musicianship in every student. I also have the outlook that students need to enjoy themselves with music. There is a reason it’s called playing music!

Music has been central in my life as long as I can remember. I began singing in a choir and playing both piano and guitar at a very early age. I then took up cello at high school which I continued into university. Since then, I have been teaching, playing, collaborating, and composing music as much as possible and whenever possible.

If you ever have any music related questions or just want to come by to play something, it’ll be music to my ears!